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Naruto Shippuuden 86-87

Naruto Shippuuden 86 Shikamaru’s Genius
Naruto Shippuuden 87 When You Curse Someone, You Dig Your Own Grave

While Shikamaru act look like so scarry, Hidan continue his ritual completely. And Kakuzu were going to rip out Kakashi’s heart to replaced the one that he destroyed. Kakuzu force kakashi into open area and shot him down. Kakashi is in danger when Kakuzu finally catched him and start to take his heart. Thanks to Shikamaru, because of his strategy Kakashi has been saved when Kakuzu lost his heart again by Hidan. Shikamaru act like a death person and attacked Hidan fastly. Shikamaru succesfull in his revenge for Asuma, he took Hidan’s head. Shikamaru told Hidan that he was just playing possum and told the truth. Kakashi also told about their strategy to Kakuzu, before they fighted, all moved has been set by Shikamaru. Its might be disappointed for Kakuzu and Hidan. But the battle still continue, as we know Kakuzu still has three hearts again, after he died, the other mask go inside his self and made his life come back. Even his body changed into monster, its very dangerous for Kakashi, Ino and Chouji.

Fortunately, the reinforcements ware coming, team seven has been ready for action. Sakura, Sai and pakkun go to Shikamaru’s position to help him. A little flashback about Shikamaru, we could knew how smart Shikamaru is. Back again to Shikamaru, it was so suprised when he prepared also a grave for Hidan. Shikamaru blowing up Hidan and graved him into deepest hole. While Naruto starting fight with Kakuzu, now he could use mass shadow clone as well. He send them to analyze style of fight his enemy, very clever too. Naruto shown his new rasengan with incredible chakra. And he called that “RASSEN SHURIKEN”. I can’t be waiting for the next episode, Naruto Shippuuden 88 “Wind Style: Spiraling Shuriken!”.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Naruto Shippuuden 85 Review

The Terrifying Secret!

Naruto returns this week with Kakashi and Team 10 in battle with Akatsuki’s Hidan and Kakuzu. Kakuzu had just let out a fire jutsu, which resulted in the fact that he can use all 4 elements. Shikamaru realizes that each of the entities created by Kakuzu, has it’s own heart plus the heart of Kakuzu himself. In other words, Kakuzu has five hearts, each of which must be killed before he dies. Hidan angers Choji, who then advances for a reckless attack.

Choji is stopped by Shikamaru’s Shadow technique and is saved by Kakashi. While Hidan keeps Kakashi busy, Choji is attacked by Kakuzu and is unable to stop his attacks. Hidan is supported by the entities formed by Kakuzu, to create an opening against Kakashi. As Kakuzu goes for the final blow, he is distracted by Ino and Shikamaru, but Shikamaru is confronted by one of Kakuzu’s entities. This gives time to Kakuzu, who then holds both Ino and Choji hostage. Kakashi also leaves an opening and is hit by the wind and fire jutsu. Hidan strikes Kakashi, only to realise that it was a shadow clone.

This gives Team 10 the upper hand, as it buys them time. Shikamaru creates a pool of water and electrocutes Kakuzu, which helps them retrieve Ino and Choji. Shikamaru reasons that separating the two Akatsuki is the only way to defeat them. Shikamaru then steps forward to fight Hidan one-on-one, while the others focus on defeating Kakuzu. He tries to catch Hidan’s shadow, while Kakashi begins attacking Kakuzu. Finally, he catches him with the Shadow Possession technique and leads Hidan to the forest.

Kakuzu then reveals that he has more experience under his belt than all of the three put together. He reveals that the last Konoha shinobi he had fought was the First Hokage and has managed to extend his life by stealing the hearts of powerful shinobi he defeats before the present one dies out. Elsewhere, Shikamaru starts planting bombs in order to trap Hidan. His Shadow Possession technique dies out and Hidan attacks him, drawing blood. The battle turns in favour of Hidan, as he prepares for his ritual to kill Shikamaru. Kakuzu combines two of his hearts into a single entity and prepares to face Kakashi, Ino and Choji to get a replacement heart.
Summarizing the review, this episode carries on the epicness of this fight from the last episode. The episode progresses very quickly, keeping the viewer on the edge of their seat. The episode potrays Hidan and Kakuzu’s combat ability gracefully and how they work together so well. It also shows some background on Kakuzu’s character. It shows the secret behind Kakuzu’s five hearts.

The fight scenes, once again were top notch, with fluid animation supporting them. The intensity created is pretty amazing. The music suits this episode extremely well.

And on that note,